On Saturday 16th, a day after the coup, supporters of AKP demonstrate for the Turkish government at the Atatürk airport in Istanbul, Turkey.

On Sunday the pro-Erdogan demonstrators gather on Taksim squere to celebrate the failure of the coup attempt.

The demonstrators sing along the Erdogan presidential campaign song the whole evening.

In daytime, life goes on as normal in the city. But when asking around, many voice their concerns for the future.

Ramazan, working at a kiosk, is worried about Turkey's future. "Now it's temporarily safe here. But we don't know what happens in the future. We don't actually feel safe."

Pictures of Erdogan and Turkish flags are spread everywhere.

Workers hang Turkish flags in the main street Istiklal Avenue in the Beyoglu district.

Tanju Can thinks that Erdogan profits from the coup.

People are still very divided. Coffeeshop keeper Arslan Sanli trusts that everything will be fine in Turkey. He thinks that there will be no trouble thanks to Erdogan.

Sanli watches Erdogan speaking in TV in Ankara, Turkey.

The Ortaköy mosque nearby the Bosphorus bridge, where crowds confronted soldiers on Friday night.

A man on his phone after praying in the Ortaköy mosque.

A shoeshiner working on Ciragan Avenue in the Besiktas district.

A man feeding doves near the Ortaköy mosque.

Ibrahim Gün has a jewellery shop. He isn't worried about Turkey's situation because he trusts Erdogan and the Turk´s strong faith in God.

Life in the district of Besiktas.

The barbershop owner Hasan lost his friend during the coup.

A man selling corn near the Galata bridge in the Eminonu district.

Children playing near the Galata bridge.

People enjoying the evening sun near the Galata bridge.

Locals fishing at the Galata bridge.

At the time of sunset, a couple taking a selfie.

The Turkish flag at the bridge.

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